Marketing Strategy: Importance of Branding for Disney Parks

Marketing strategy (Branding) Disney parks
Marketing strategy (Branding) Disney parks

Disney Brand has helped the company in reaching the top spot and also is the main reason for its continuous success. Disney is all about entertainment and so its brand image is also developed on the basis that present Disney as the most entertaining company in the world. The use of Mickey Mouse ears as its brands logo has made the company famous and easily recognizable. Branding helps the customers in recognizing products offered by their favourite companies.

Hooley and Graham (2008)  explains that branding also helps in the development and marketing of new products offered by the same company because people associate the same quality characteristics to a company new product as they hold of the old products of the company. As Plawutsky(2012) states branding is related to the development of a strong brand. Branding includes creation of logos, design, taglines and every other activity which make the company stand out from the crowd. Recently Disney has started using different design of logos based on the hit movie series such as Toy Story, Cars, Monster, and Frozen etc.

According to Kotler & Pfoertsch (2006) Branding help the company in influencing the buying behaviour of the customers, as a strong brand helps in making the potential customers realize the benefits they will receive by utilizing a particular product or service.

The Brand of Disney is built along the line that it provides family entertainment to its visitors. The Disney Theme parks and Resorts brand holds an image of a family entertainment place which contains something for everyone. No matter whether you are a child, adult or of mature age Disney Theme parks and Resorts visit will be entertaining. Disney Theme parks and Resorts have been designed around favourite movie characters which in itself a brand and help Disney in attracting more and more children towards its theme parks.

Disney has an innovative approach towards the development of its Theme parks and Resorts which makes the parks more attractive and entertaining to the visitors. Disney innovative strategy has made its Brand stand out from the rest of the companies. Its castle designs and new and unique kind of entertainment resorts has made children addicted to Disney. Disney famous characters has helped in the designing of theme parks and brand logos and children love to see their characters in real life at theme parks. They meet with them and take photos with them thus making their visit to Disney theme parks a memorable event. The Brand value of Disney has showed a constant growth over the years. Disney is working hard to develop its Brands along the following factors:

  • Family Entertainment
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Friendly and Imaginative
  • Creative and Innovative
  • A Family Brand

The major aspects of the Disney Brand are summarized in the following table:

Disney Brand Strategy
Brand Image Disney has built the image of its Brand as one which provides High quality, is Innovative and uses latest technology in order to provide the best service to its customers.
Logos The Disney logos represent the brand image and everything which the Disney offer to families and children.


Source: Disney Auditions, Audition experience

Slogans Disney has keep on developing it slogans from time to time which represent the brand image. It includes tag lines such as “ The Happiest Place on Earth”; “where the Dreams come True”; “Celebrate the Magic” etc.
Pop Culture Disney has recently started spending on Hospitals, and forming organisations to help protect environment. Disney has also used its cartoon characters to be displayed on food packing’s, cereals, candy and cookies etc.



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