Marketing strategy: Marketing Mix (4 Ps) adopted by Disney

Blythe (2008) explains that marketing mix is comprised of four elements Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Blythe further explains that it is necessary to develop an effective strategy regarding marketing mix in order to achieve the performance targets set by the company. Marketing mix is the basis on which the whole marketing strategy is developed.


Disney’s theme parks and resorts are famous for their unique designs, innovative style and reliability of performance. Parents feel it safe for their children to ride roller coasters in Disney theme parks due to the reason of Disney commitment to high quality and excellent service. Disney theme parks also provides safe and sound environment to visitors during their stay at the theme parks. According to Disney Official website (2013) the theme parks and resorts includes products and services like Water parks, Cruise line, Vacation Clubs, Adventures by Disney, Disney Imagineering etc. This vast category of products offering has helped Disney in attracting large number of visitors having different interests and tastes.


In the case of Theme parks, price is of vital importance as it is one of the main factor which determine whether the people consider it worthwhile to spend their hard earned money on the theme parks. Theme parks must set their prices at a level which is not only affordable by the middle class but also make people perceive that they are receiving good value in exchange of their money. Disney strong brand has helped the company in settings reasonable prices despite strong competition in the Theme park industry. It is due to its strong branding tactics that the company has been able to outperform its rivals and keep on increasing its revenues year after year. Disney’s has develop such a desirable state in the mind of its customers that children and their parents are ready to pay even high prices to have a visit of Disney Theme parks.


According to Kotler (2011) Promotion relates to the communication of the products and services offered by the company to the consumers. Promotion of products and services is necessary in order to make consumers aware of the benefits and value they will receive if they buy a particular company’s product or service. Disney uses different promotion strategies such as TV advertisements, Articles in Magazines, Movies, and Radios stations etc. to promote its products and services.

The main theme on which its promotion strategy resides includes the use of animated movie characters as their leading advertising campaigners. Theme parks and resorts are mainly designed to provide entertainment to youth and especially children thus it is a smart strategy to use children favorite characters for promotion purposes. In addition to this Disney also has developed dedicated websites for each of its major business segments. The website of Disney theme parks and resorts not only provides detailed information about each of the theme parks location but also provide the customers with the opportunity to keep them updated with the new events which are going to be held at these theme parks.


Disney makes decisions regarding the development of new theme parks and resorts after the careful consideration of all the factors affecting its business. Due to its planned approach all the Disney theme parks and resorts are located at sites which are easy to access by the people and people finding it much comfortable to travel to Disney theme parks in order to spend their vacations. Disney has always chosen those sites for constructions of its theme parks which not only are located in the big cities but also have enough extra space so that future expansion is possible. This is the reason that its theme parks always have enough space to accommodate the company’s innovate ideas to start expansion projects.


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