“School of articles” is a website that intends “Bridge the gap between theories and practices” in the field of business administration. We have a team of writers consisting of professional and researchers that have keen interest in the field and really understand our vision of “Making Concepts Easier to Understand and Developing Minds that are Conducive to New Ideas in business


  1. Develop articles that provide simpler understanding of theories on HRM, Marketing, Operational Management, Change Management, International Business and other subjects related to Business Administration.
  2. Bring industry specific examples from different manufacturers, brands and corporations.
  3. Link theories and practices (industry examples) in order to give a new experience to the readers, making it more understandable, thought provoking and interesting while clearing the concepts in a compelling manner.
  4. Provide References (Harvard style) for the theories and examples in order to induce readers to search and develop their knowledge even more.
  5. Only use sources that are authentic like
  • Newspapers
  • Journals
  • Published articles
  • Companies` Reports
  • and Industrial Reports
  • Case studies, and other reliable and authentic sources
  1. We do not believe in using plagiarised material and develop articles that are conceived and drafted with clear mind.